How to create a free homepage for your business in 15 minutes

September 14th, 2011 No comments

Step by step guide: Create a free company homepage

Here is a great step-by-step guide for publishing a free homepage like the one in the image below for your small business. The guide does not require any technical knowledge and is based on a free tool for creating ad-free web pages. It is based on the free company homepage feature provided by Zervant, an easy invoicing and time tracking software.

Homepage feedback example

Read the whole post on how to create a free homepage here

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Firma lehdessä esitelty Zervantes Oy:n oikea nimi on Zervant Oy

February 11th, 2011 No comments


Yrittäjien Firma lehdessä 1/2011 esiteltiin Zervant Oy:n tammikuussa avattu laskutus-, tuntikirjaus- ja kirjanpito-ohjelma verkossa. Zervant Oy:n nimi oli kirjoitettu väärin Zervantes Oy.


Lisää tietoa Zervant laskutusohjelmasta osoitteessa

Laskutusohjelma - Zervant


Zervant featured in Firma Magazine Under the Name Zervantes Oy

February 11th, 2011 No comments

Zervant online invoicing and time tracking software was featured in the Finnish entrepreneurial Firma magazine 1/2011. Great story, unfortunately the name of the company was misspelled as Zervantes Oy. The real name of the company is Zervant Oy.

Read the full article about Zervant invoicing and bookkeeping software (on page 45).


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