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The Four Cornerstones of a Happy and Long Life

March 21st, 2009 1 comment

j0437247 Following my post on The Meaning of Life, I’ve finally been able structured my research and experience on how to really enjoy a long life and healthy life. Simply, balance is one of the keywords here. You can not only get too little of something you love, you can actually get too much of it as well. Just take a look at nature and how it works, it all about long term balance from a big picture perspective. A a few years ago a wise man, my father, told me that “too much sun makes a desert” – not immediately grasping how right he was. He was really pinpointing the importance of having balance in life. The opposite would be that too much rain causes a flood. But together they create the most beautiful nature there is. Life is complex and does not consist of single opposites alone. On the other hand, it does not have to be that complicated either.

This made me passionate about researching this area more in-depth, i.e. how to best follow nature’s most central law. I’ve spent hundreds of hours of reading, thinking, discussing and actually practicing the areas below and now feel confident in bucketing the ingredients to a long, healthy and balanced life into four simple sections:

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